Woman painting outdoors in Red Rocks Park
Jennifer painting after a snow at Red Rocks Park in Colorado

How do you find inspiration?

Jennifer Riefenberg: I try and find inspiration to paint in everything around me. This mode of visually processing the world can lead to wonderful surprises and interesting paintings. One of the most important lessons I have learned from painting outside is that one should not be stuck on what they think they should paint but to paint what makes one stop to look and study. Of course, a beautiful landscape can nearly always provide inspiration but so can a humble weed. Being in the outdoors as I paint envelopes me within the place where all of my senses and emotions become integral with the scene.

How did you develop your unique painting style?

I have developed at least two painting styles that are uniquely my own. While this may seem contrary to a purist viewpoint, as an artist I don’t always look at things the same way, nor do I feel the same, and I don’t feel artists should be so confined. I am constantly reaching beyond my own boundaries on the eternal road to improvement and understanding of art in all forms. I work to free myself to the painting and learn what I am creating has to teach me.

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Oil painting of aspen tress and rocks
Jennifer Riefenberg, “Aspen Rocks,” 11 x 14 in., oil — Nestled within the Aspen forest and volcanic rocks to paint.
Oil painting of a gorge with snow on the rocks
Jennifer Riefenberg, “Winter Gorge,” 9 x 12 in., oil — Snowshoes got me out to the edge of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison to paint this scene.


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