Orphan Mesa

Beth Winfield strives to create poetic landscapes with depth and softness of light. She seeks scenes with mystical light and layers of atmosphere, and then truly captures these magical moments through brushwork and the juxtaposition of color and value. She loves capturing light, seasonal changes, the marks of time, and the startling beauty in a landscape. Beth has had a love of art since her youth. She started painting animals and landscapes when she was just nine years old. She worked in the medical field only because her parents did not want her to work as an artist. Now, she is free to devote herself to her art. Beth takes several workshops a year and continuously pushes herself to paint whatever she can. She has been drawing and painting for most of her life finding plein air painting about 16 years ago. Beth finds pure joy in painting outdoors. She loves painting in her studio but finds painting on location produces a more expressive interpretation of the landscape.

Beth grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. With her parents both being teachers, she was able to spend every summer enjoying the great wilderness while camping, hiking, and fishing. Both of her grandparents had farms where she spent a lot of time playing outdoors as a child. Now, she and her husband love exploring in their camper and Beth has discovered a true love for the southwest landscape. They now split their time between California and New Mexico which gives Beth plenty of wonderful subject matter to paint from.

Beth enjoys painting in plein air competitions. Recently, Beth won Third Place with the painting featured in this article named Orphan Mesa in the annual PAPNM Plein Air Fiesta 2020 at Sorrel Sky Gallery. The painting sold even though the show was closed to public due to the COVID-19. The judge remarked about the painting’s great composition, the painterly technique, and Beth’s understanding of and ability to capture the southwest sky. The painting was painted on location at Abiquiu Ranch.

Beth Winfield sells her artwork at local galleries and from her home studio. Upcoming shows are “The Annual Landscape Show” at Natsoulas Gallery and “Sunflowers” at Berryessa Gap Winery. Please visit her website bethwinfield.com, subscribe to her newsletter, and check on current classes. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram at Beth Winfield Fine Art.