Recovering Peace
Varnished Watercolor on Panel
12 x 20 in.
Plein Air
Available through the Artist

Impressions in Watercolor
Bringing the Everyday to Life

Brienne has been drawing and painting for most of her life but had never considered pursuing a career as an artist until graduate school. While studying chemistry, Brienne’s research was so time consuming that for the first time she couldn’t find time to create. Her unhappiness during this time made her realize that art was more than a hobby, it was a necessity. This was a valuable lesson. From that time on she has made art a priority in her life and instead of trying to find the time; she started to make the time to paint.

Brienne’s passion is watercolor and plein air. She loves using the slightly controlled chaotic nature of watercolor in bringing the everyday to life. Painting, traveling, and teaching across the US, Brienne loves painting landscapes, street scenes, and historic architecture. However, for this recent plein air painting, Recovering Peace, she got up early and drove to Black Moshannon State Park which is 15 minutes from her home in central Pennsylvania. Since travel has decreased so much this year, Brienne has been painting more from home and surprised by how much she enjoys it. Sometimes the beauty outside our doors is enough.

Brienne explains, “I usually like to paint scenes with a little more activity like people moving around, cars driving, or figures and stuff on a farm. I also like a little more variety in colors…not so much green. But on this quiet and rainy morning I was just searching for peace, and I found it. There were not very many people at the park. I enjoyed the painting experience itself by focusing on the beautiful scene in front of me, listening to the melodic sounds of nature, and breathing in the fresh air. This painting experience was profound in and of itself. There was a constant mist in the air which made for interesting textures on the watercolor surface. I had fun working with these textures to create that misty, wet feel of the day. Wherever I am painting on location, I try to capture a moment in time and for this moment; it was peace.”

This painting was painted for the 2020 Door County Plein Air Festival, which is going “mostly virtual” this year. This painting along with many others from fantastic artists will be available online. You can see this event online from July 19- August 7 here.

Gallery Representation
The Mission Gallery, St. George, UT
The Green Drake Gallery, Milheim, PA
The State College Framing Co. & Gallery, State College, PA

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