Old House
10 x 10 in.
Oil on linen panel

The afternoon light raking across the face of an old abandoned house in San Cristobal, New Mexico is the perfect vehicle to try to tell a story with paint. Plein air painting evokes the connection Carolyn has with the subject matter through the freshness and immediacy of the paint application. The uncertainty of the outcome when starting a plein air painting adds to the excitement when the painting is a success. More often than not, the painting is a learning experience. The information gained from a plein air painting travels back into the studio. Carolyn painted “Old House” during the Wild Rivers Plein Air Festival and won the Artistic Excellence Award.

Carolyn Lindsey, a residence of Cuervo, New Mexico, creates paintings in oil using the people and places in the area as subject matter. She feels painting from life is paramount in the understanding and use of color. The point at which you leave the subject matter and allow the painting to dictate its own ending is important in completing a successful original work of art. Creating art is a continual process of learning, with many ways to achieve success.

Her work has been accepted into several juried competitions, including the American Impressionist Society and Plein Air Painters of New Mexico; Santa Fe Fiesta Juried Show 2018 2nd place. Oil Painters of America; receiving Donor’s Award of Excellence in 2011 National Competition.

View more of Carolyn’s through her website www.carolynlindsey.com
E-mail: [email protected]