Right Down My Alley
11 x 14 in
Oil on linen panel
Available through Red Oak Gallery, Conroe, Texas

“Right Down My Alley” won the Award of Distinction at Plein Air Southwest, 2019. The alleyways of Galveston have a unique distinction and history on the island. The island colors and culture are evident along these byways and present an opportunity to peer into the residents’ lives in this exciting part of the Texas coast. Fran enjoys painting the things that bring man’s existence into the landscape: structures, streets, vehicles, etc. The shapes of man-made objects add interest to the organic elements found in the landscape.

Fran participates in plein air events and juried/invitational shows around the U.S., and her paintings have garnered numerous awards. She teaches workshops, both nationally and internationally.

Upcoming Events:
The Sweetheart Collection, Feb 10–14, 2021 Red Oak Gallery
Plein Air Southwest, May 2–8, 2021

The artist spends much of her time painting outdoors on location and working from life. “My goal is to capture the light and feel of a specific location or setting, to interpret the world in a way that will inspire others and create a sense of harmony.” Her style is a painterly realism, her strokes are confident yet spontaneous, her colors are clean and fresh, her approach is bold. She is also known for her still life and figurative works.

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