oil painting of bright blue ocean with inlet
Jane Knighton, “Back Creek Morning,” 16 x 8, oil, available through artist; Annapolis gallery association award of excellence 2022

Jane Knighton: Jane considers herself a lifelong artist always learning and evolving in both her art and how she experiences life. As a retired Maryland Public School Art Educator, she currently devotes her artistic pursuits to painting full time. Plein air painting combines both her love of being outside and to traveling. To Jane, each new location is an exciting exploration and challenge. As she stands behind her easel responding to the unfolding view, she experiences a freedom and a clearing of the mind. Adventures in this creative journey are before her in endless possibilities; presented by the artistic process, the people she encounters, and the images she paints.

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oil painting of bright day, overlooking ocean with boats
Jane Knighton, “Safe harbor,” 14 x 11 in, oil, available from artist
oil painting of fields during the day
Jane Knighton, “Sacred lotus of the Susquehanna,” 16 x 12 in, oil, available from the artist