“Power of Gray,” Jennifer Riefenberg, oil, 12 x 16; “The extreme environment and winter grays portray a sense of power.”

Jennifer Riefenberg: It is with an intimate understanding and a closer-in vantage that artist, Jennifer Riefenberg, seeks in portraying the landscapes. She finds most of her inspiration for paintings in the beautiful mountain areas near her home in Colorado and seeks out the less common views of such – capturing a portrait of the scene. Power of Gray won an honorable mention at the Western Regional OPA Exhibition in 2021.

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oil painting of closeup of daisies
“Summer Shasta,” Jennifer Riefenberg, oil, 12 x 12 in; “A dance of flowers fall in and out of summer shadows.”
pastel painting of river bend with reflections of trees and sky
“Snowy Reflections,” Jennifer Riefenberg, pastel, 9 x 12 in; “An early snow frames the lakeshore and reflects in the crystal-clear water.”