Brightly colored oil painting of flowers and mountains

Hope on the Horizon
9 x 12 in.
Available through the artist

Radical Impressionist: A Mathematician Paints

Karen Halbert: I have recently found myself going back to my roots, embracing mathematical principles in my paintings. We painters encounter mathematical terms repeatedly from simple measurement to more abstract concepts of dynamic symmetry and those of repeated motifs and divine proportions; from common geometric shapes to more complex repeating patterns based on chaos theory and Mandelbrot Patterns. I have touched on these ideas in my blog, Color theory itself can be quite mathematical. Many of my more recent paintings have been concentrating on color considerations, from tonal to prismatic.

In 2020 I continued a series of High Desert Color paintings, more colorful and abstract than previous paintings. You may see the tale of one such painting, “Hope on the Horizon,” on my blog. I painted it hoping that soon we will be able to visit distant family and friends.

I am the Webmaster of the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico website also ( This volunteer work satisfies several needs, including logical problem solving marrying the left and right sides of the brain.

I am primarily represented by a Santa Fe Canyon Road Gallery, the Marigold Gallery ( You may also view my work at including the paintings in Karen’s Studio & Gallery.

Gallery Representation: and Karen’s Studio & Gallery