“Trani Harbor, Puglia”
Oil — Plein air
9 x 12 in.

My education was in graphic and textile design at the University of California, Davis. I continued, postgraduate, through the University of Georgia in Cortona, Italy, and have studied drawing and painting in Germany, Florence, New Mexico and California (with several plein air painters) and at Scottsdale Artists’ School in Arizona.

I live and work in Zambia and Italy. My subject matter and media have evolved in the past 15 years from very detailed Tuscan still lifes in watercolor to pastel landscapes on textured surfaces, to semi-impressionistic and abstract oils of animal and plant life. Throughout, there has always been a graphic element to my work, and an obvious love for rich colors.

My paintings in Italy aim to honor the architecture (and its harmony within the natural surroundings) of centuries of genius and craft. The work I produce in Zambia ties together two of my life’s passions: design and animals. Through my paintings I aim to express my wonder at these two worlds, and create awareness and appreciation of history’s importance and nature’s fragility.


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