The Path Less Traveled by Linda Renaud
25.5 x 16.5 in, 34 x 25 in. framed
Watercolor wax batik on ginwashi paper, adhered to watercolor paper for additional support
Available though the artist’s website

This black bear is traveling up a path in northern Colorado. She is actually on her way to a watering hole which had dried up in late summer. However, a group of 25 volunteers organized by David Neils of Wild Nature Media had each carried 40 pound bladders of water up to the site the day before. David captured this photo on one of his trail cams; it’s a visible reminder of what we can do to help wildlife stay wild and healthy.

Linda was especially drawn to this photo, since she participated in the same event one year later. Hauling a heavy container a mile uphill over rough terrain is quite the experience! It was thrilling to be part of a practical, hands-on effort to help wildlife and to see the natural stone basin replenished with water.

Linda is a member of Lincoln Gallery in Loveland, Colorado. She has painted almost exclusively in watercolor wax batik for the past 8 years. She has won numerous awards and now teaches workshops in the method. Watercolor wax batik yields paintings that combine the blended washes of watercolor with abstracted shapes created by the alternating layers of wax and paint. These paintings are very time consuming to create but they result in unique and striking works of art.