Glow in Zion by Tiffanie Mang
Gouache on illustration board
6 x 6 in.

Tiffanie Mang is a digital illustrator and gouache plein air artist born and raised in San Diego. She studied at the University of Southern California, graduating with a BA in Animation and Digital Arts in 2014. Aside from working in the animation industry as a freelance concept artist, one of Tiffanie’s biggest passions is telling stories through landscapes in gouache and oils.

In 2016, Tiffanie worked as a painter animator on Loving Vincent, the world’s first fully hand painted feature film in oils about the final years of Vincent Van Gogh. The film was a 2018 Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature. Flying over to Gdansk, Poland, she worked on the film for 6 months. It was an absolutely incredible experience that changed the direction of her life, and Tiffanie knew that when she went back to the states, she had to pursue her passion for fine art more and make it a reality.

After living in LA freelancing as a concept artist for various studios, Tiffanie moved back to San Diego in 2018 to pursue her passion as a fine artist. Since then, she has taught many gouache workshops in San Diego, Los Angeles, Georgia, and even internationally. Tiffanie has been in more than 21 gallery shows, and has participated in plein air painting competitions around the world such as Capitola Plein Air 2019, Plein Air Curacao 2019 (awarded second place for her final competition piece Morning Shadows on Maduras Street) and the Pacific Northwest Annual Plein Air Competition (awarded the National Scenic Award for her piece titled At the Top of Mosier).

As a traditional painter and digital artist, Tiffanie is always striving to explore the possibilities of how she can combine her traditional painting skills with digital media to create engaging narratives. Tiffanie currently lives in San Diego as a freelancer and gouache painting instructor. She launched her own online 8 week painting mentorships in 2020, working with 5-8 students each term to help them find their artistic personality and bring their digital and traditional painting skills to the next level.

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