oil painting of moped parked
Manon Sander, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, oil, 12 x 9 in, 2022; available through Contemporary Art On Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL

Manon Sander: One of Manon Sander’s personality traits is her joie de vivre, represented in her colorful impressionistic paintings she creates with joy to evoke joy. A pink Vespa, a colorful little boat happily bobbing along, Manon’s daughter floating in a pool while immersed in a good read, Manon’s paintings invite the viewer into the stories they are telling, one of the reasons why “Full Immersion” got selected for the California Art Club “Beauty of the Story” exhibit.

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girl sitting in pool floaty, reading a book
Manon Sander, Full Immersion, oil, 12 x 12in, 2021; available through artist
boats floating in the water on a sunny day
Manon Sander, Cheapie Del Rio, oil, 20 x 16 in, 2021; available through Lost Art Gallery in St. Augustine, FL