Oi painting of homes near a beach

Crystal Cove Memories
18 x 24 in.
Oil on linen
Available at Huse Kelly Fine Art Gallery

Mark Fehlman: How do you give a soul to a painting? When I was an architect, I always sought to create a “sense of place” that struck an emotional cord with anyone who came in contact with my work. This emotional connection could be created by creating ques that have a historical basis or colors that sooth.

My painting is the same way. I want the viewer to connect to my work emotionally. Many people tell me that the images and style that I paint remind them of something that is emotionally comfortable.

When a collector chooses to buy a painting, it is a bigger decision than we think. A collector is adding an element to their home that will be a part of their living environment for many years to come.

My wife Anne and I have a wonderful collection of work by artists that are friends, whose work we admire. Each painting speaks to us on a daily basis, and we notice new things every time we pass by. That’s what is so unique about a good painting.

I love painting at Crystal Cove just north of Laguna Beach. It was a historical summer beach colony of shacks that cascade down the coastal bluff. I have heard many tales of summer adventures at this special place. It is now being restored by the State of California, and you can actually rent a place for the night. Capturing the spirit of this special place is the challenge. It is fun, haphazard, historic, and imbued with California beach spirit.

“Crystal Cove Memories” offers a glimpse of the beach shacks in their “crazy quilt” assemblage of shapes colors and materials, against the blue Southern California sky.

This painting is exhibited at Huse Skelly Gallery on historic Balboa Island. I paint various sizes to accommodate a variety of collectors with small to large homes, historic to modern style. Along with my work, are works by some of the best plein air artists in the country.

You can see more of Mark’s work at www.markfehlman.com.