Oil painting of Virginia bluebell flowers and two crows hiding in the foreground

Two Crows & Virginia Bluebells
By Alexia Scott
40 x 30 in.
Oil on canvas
$3,900 framed
Available through the artist

In early April, our Virginia Bluebells spring to life. Buried for the winter under the soil and fallen leaves, they sleep, the same ground where many died along the banks of Bull Run. Each year I walk across the old stone bridge feeling a bit like an interloper because I am from Ohio. Yet the Virginia Bluebells call to me. Sitting on the bank of the river to bring my eye level low, I sit quietly. After a short time, the wildlife forgets I am there. I pull out a box of pastels and begin to paint. My field sketches are for my enjoyment, and pastels seem to be my way of exploring light and form; almost like doodling, I gain a sense of the area.

“This is one moment’s exaltation before the beauty of nature.” – Shen Kua

Alexia Scott, MFA, is an American landscape artist living in the Washington, DC area. After moving from Ohio to the DC Metro area, Alexia worked as an illustrator for the USGS, Fish and Wildlife, and the North American Indian Handbook. While working toward her MFA at The George Washington University, she had the opportunity to study with Helen Frankenthaler and Wolf Kahn. Both artists studied at The Hofmann School in New York City and shared their ideas of “Color Field” painting with us. “I found this freedom from the subject eventually pulled me away from my illustration background.”

See more of Alexia’s work at www.alexiapaints.com