Painting by Wen Li

A cultural group with offices in New York City and Beijing introduces Chinese painters to American landscapes, and American painters to China. The results of the exchange are starting to emerge….

Wen Li has previously painted in the Hudson River Valley.

Artwork by Xuewu Zheng

Xinxin Guo is the executive director of China Arts Link, and she facilitates artist residencies in both countries, as well as exhibitions to promote the cross-pollination of ideas. In October, this will take the form of a residency in Poughkeepsie, New York, co-sponsored by the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center. Tarryl Gabel, of Poughkeepsie, will be one of three American painters participating. “It will be a great painting event and experience to pair our Chinese visitors with plein air artists in Hudson Valley for a cultural exchange,” comments Gabel.

Another piece by Zheng

A piece by Zonjun Li

The visiting Chinese artists are Wen Li, Zongjun Li, and Xuewu Zheng. The trio have tackled plein air paintings in a number of places, including Vermont, the Hudson River Valley, and their home country.

By Zonjun Li


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