how to paint - Linda Richichi
How to Paint > Get free tips on color mixing and more in this episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads and Linda Richichi.

Free Tips on How to Paint: Join art publisher Eric Rhoads on this episode of Art School Live, featuring colorist Linda Richichi on color mixing, overcoming bad painting habits, and more!

How to Paint - Art School Live with Eric Rhoads - Linda Richichi

Watch as she explains:

  • Knowing your “why”
  • The importance of knowing your color “backward and forward”
  • How to tone your canvas (for oil or pastel)
  • And so much more!

how to paint - Linda Richichi

Watch this episode of Art School Live with tips on how to paint:

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Artist’s Statement:
“For me, painting is a pilgrimage – a journey into the soul and the mystery of creation. Through color, lines and brushstrokes I portray feelings that often cannot be put into words.

“Whether I am painting on a sun-drenched beach in Florida or Maui, in the Hudson Valley, near Italian castles or French chateaus, my plein air paintings capture the energy and spirit of nature.

“I work to capture both what is seen and what is not seen. With intuition leading the way, when on location I allow what I feel to override what I see. With years and years of classical training under my belt my hand can easily follow my heart creating a work of art that not only represents the scene but also allows the soul of the place to come forth.

“Years of study with shamans has sharpened my understanding of energy, enhancing my ability to capture the invisible bringing life to each canvas.” ~Linda Richichi

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  1. I found several things in this video valuable that I will apply to future paintings: 1. Figure out why I am painting a subject matter and make sure my painting focuses on that. Light juxtaposed against dark will do that and so will eliminating too make focal points. 2. Match my background to the mood I want in the finished painting. It does make a difference. and 3. Don’t talk while painting. Focus.
    Thanks so much for this tutorial!

  2. Thinking about the ‘why’ of a painting helps to zone in on composition, focal point and what I want to emphasize in a painting. Always good to be reminded, thanks Eric and Linda.

  3. Linda!
    What a wonderful demonstration and inspiration!
    It’s good to recognize the amazing effect of one’s spirit into the strength of the artist’s message.
    Thank you!


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