landscape paintings - Steve Gerhartz (b. 1971), “Birch,” 2019, oil on linen, 36 x 18 in.
Steve Gerhartz (b. 1971), “Birch,” 2019, oil on linen, 36 x 18 in.

Lily Pad | West is presenting an exhibition of recent landscape paintings by the Wisconsin artist Steve Gerhartz, many of them created in plein air. A dedicated observer of nature, he excels at capturing the unique look and mood of a locale at a specific hour, day, and season.

“Painting outside,” Gerhartz explains, “has been a great experience. I am constantly learning from nature and understanding what happens in certain lighting conditions. I paint on location in all sizes… There is nothing quite as emotional for me as working on a large painting outdoors, trying to capture all that form and space.”

Exhibition Details:
Steve Gerhartz: Sunlight of the Seasons
Lily Pad | West
Through January 15, 2023

Gerhartz’s creative efforts started when he was 14, during a November snow squall that he experienced with his brother, Dan, also a gifted artist. That episode inspired Steve’s first landscape painting, and he went on to study painting at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Connecticut, a location that enabled him to inspect master landscape paintings up close in the Northeast’s leading museums.

Gerhartz appreciates equally the benefits art offers his viewers: “Paintings bring life and the beauty of nature into people’s homes, granting them an opportunity to escape into a place they may not normally have the chance to see, allowing for reflection, growth, and understanding.” This concern for viewers may help explain why Gerhartz hand-carves every frame, each of which perfectly complements the picture inside.

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