Lovers of landscape painting won’t want to miss a solo exhibition of new works by Douglas Fryer that is nearing the end of its run.
Overland Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, is currently hosting a one-man show featuring painter Douglas Fryer. On view through January 31, the exhibition comprises 20 to 25 recent landscapes and still life paintings.

Artist Douglas Fryer with Trudy Hayes, director of Overland Gallery of Fine Art, at the opening reception for Fryer’s solo exhibition
Douglas Fryer lives in Spring City, Utah, and the terrain that surrounds him serves as the artist’s primary subject matter. Attuned to the change of the seasons, Fryer captures the blue-gray tones of winter on the ranches as well as the vibrant green of spring. While the content is significant, it is not what makes his paintings memorable.

Douglas Fryer, “Western Ranch, Winter,” oil on panel, 30 x 30 in. Overland Gallery of Fine Art

Douglas Fryer, “Spring Storm, Mapleton,” oil on panel, 29 1/2 x 48 in. Overland Gallery of Fine Art
Fryer’s tonalist landscapes navigate a world in between representation and impression. Deconstructing the landscape into its basic elements and hues, Fryer covers his canvases with swathes of color and pleasing tonal shifts. Though his style elides some details of the landscape, the viewer of his paintings is left with the sense that the very heart of the subject remains. Fryer’s landscapes are meditative, even profound, impressions of the natural world.

Douglas Fryer, “Lambing Shed,” oil on panel, 15 x 15 in. Overland Gallery of Fine Art

Douglas Fryer, “Canning Pears,” oil on panel, 10 x 23 in. Overland Gallery of Fine Art
Douglas Fryer’s one-man show at Overland Gallery will be on display only through January 31, though the gallery always hangs a selection of works by Fryer, who is a featured artist there.
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