One of the views artists may paint in Horicon Marsh

In the middle of Wisconsin, the Horicon Marsh spans 32,000 acres and abounds with birds and other wildlife. On October 26, the Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association (WIPAPA) is inviting artists to paint at the marsh in the waning days of fall.

“There is a feeling of vast space not unlike the ocean when you stand at its edge,” says Wendie Thompson, group coordinator of WIPAPA. “This time of year it is home to untold numbers of geese making their way south for the winter. People come from all over the world to experience its absolute magic.”

Another tantalizing view of Horicon Marsh

The shutdown of the federal government will not force a cancellation of the event, as the group plans on visiting the part of the marsh under the State of Wisconsin’s control. For more information, visit WIPAPA’s website.


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