At my Publisher’s Invitational painting retreat in the Adirondacks, we all become friends. I usually have about 100 artists, and people end up in small groups, hanging out and painting together. This is our 13th year of doing Invitationals, and there are people who have come back every single year to hang with their friends.

And there are people who have met people who lived in their area and ended up becoming painting buddies.

In June 2023, you and I will be meeting up with a group of painters for my Paint the Adirondacks event — it’s a week of painting together, breaking bread together, and going on adventures to beautiful places every day. And because people are getting out more … we think it will be in high demand.

You WON’T find any…
– Pressure to produce (paint as much or as little as you like)
– Workshops to attend (none, nada, zip)
– Competitions to enter (no contests, and we’re all equals)
– Cooking or cleaning (we take care of all that!)
– Drama (absolutely forbidden!)

You simply arrive at the painting retreat, join your tribe … and paint. After all, you deserve time for yourself. Call your best buddies and have them join you there and you’ll have more laughter than most weeks in your life.

Learn more about the June 2023 Publisher’s Invitational here!

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