A stellar cast of artists contributed to a landscape show in Culver City, California. Who’s on view?

Jeremy Lipking, Matt Smith, Ray Roberts, Josh Elliott, Glenn Dean, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Kim Cogan, and G. Russell Case lead the group showing in “Terra Firma,” an exhibition on view at Maxwell Alexander Gallery in Culver City through October 12. Gallery director Beau Alexander is understandably excited about the show.

“Since the earliest times, artists have been striving to re-create the beauty they are surrounded by through their artistic interpretations — a plein air painting is the epitome of this,” he says. “With fading light, and changing weather, the artist must interpret and adapt, all of which is to the benefit of the viewing public. G. Russell Case’s ‘Near Home’ is a perfect example; he started with full sunlight, then had to adjust when clouds began to roll in over the top of the mountain, casting a shadow on its peaks.

“Many of the paintings included in ‘Terra Firma’ are finished pieces that were painted from plein air studies. Josh Elliott’s ‘Tasman Glacier’ is a finished painting based on a plein air sketch he did on location in New Zealand. Jeremy Lipking’s ‘Morning Shadows’ was painted on location in Utah near Zion National Park. With the quickly rising sun, Lipking had to remember the subtleties of light that caused the red dirt to turn bright orange, the gradient in the blue sky, and the variants in the green brush — this truly is a re-creation of the beauty that surrounded the artist in a particular moment. The artists included in ‘Terra Firma’ are celebrated as some of the best in the country, and to have them all in one place at one time is truly special.”

(Due to the age of this post, some images may be missing from this article)


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