Paul Fortis finds a ravishing spot to paint with pastels.
So said Paul Fortis as he posted this shot of his setup at Garrapata State Park on Facebook.

The roughly 3,000-acre park is in between Carmel and Big Sur on the Monterey coast. The Santa Cruz, California, artist finds much great subject matter in colorful California … but some scenes are clearly better than others


  1. Congratulations, Bruce – I’m originally from Nova Scotia, and now a plein air painter living in Maine. I enjoy hearing about artists from the Maritimes – just returned from ten days painting in Brigus, Newfoundland – spectacular!

  2. Jack, you sound like a bitter old man. I don’t profess to be the world’s greatest painter and, in fact, that’s irrelevant in the context of this article. The point is that I love plein air painting and hope to spread the “gospel”. Surely, all aspiring plein air painters can fit under the [I]Plein Air Magazine[/I] umbrella, can’t they?

  3. What a pleasant surprise to see this, Bruce. Keep up the good work. “U Pick” looks like the painting you did when we were in Vermont.


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