Oil landscape painting of Grand Canyon
"Dawn Patrol" (2020, oil, 30 x 40 in., Available from the artist, Studio from Plein Air Studies) by Peggy Immel, featured in the Plein Air Magazine article on our National Parks (February/March 2021)

Looking Back & Ahead

Anniversaries are an opportunity to pause and — with the benefit of hindsight — reflect on where you started and how far you’ve come. In this issue, we’re excited to launch a year-long celebration of Plein Air Magazine’s 10th Anniversary.

Plein Air Magazine cover
Caption: The cover of our February/March issue of Plein Air Magazine; art by Dalibor Dejanovic (Click here to buy the digital version now)

As publisher Eric Rhoads said in his letter, “we are in this together.” And we have been from the start. So many people have been instrumental in bringing the magazine to this point: the talented editors who worked to fulfill its mission, most notably the incomparable Steve Doherty; the galleries, art material manufacturers, vendors, and other advertisers who support our efforts; the incredible writers who have contributed their talents, in particular the magnificent Bob Bahr; our dedicated staff — Brida Connolly, who continues to make sure every “i” is dotted and every deadline is met, and Kenneth Whitney, who makes it all look good with his delightful designs; the many gifted artists who have shared their experience and insights in our pages; and, of course, our passionate readers and subscribers.

We’ve got a number of exciting things planned to mark this milestone, starting in this issue with a dip into the archives to revisit five fantastic paintings and a follow-up with the artists to find out what they’ve been up to over the past decade and how their work has changed.

There’s no question this past year has been challenging for many in the plein air community. As we look forward to better days ahead, we’ll continue our efforts to keep you informed, engaged, and inspired with stories we hope will captivate and perhaps even challenge you. In exchange, we want to hear from you. Which artists — past or present — do you want to learn more about? What materials or business matters would you like to get expert advice on? What are the stories that have inspired or guided you in recent days? Drop me a note at [email protected] Together, we can help shape the path of plein air for the next 10 years.

“The direct translation of the French term [plein air] is ‘in the open air.’ Artists, galleries, suppliers, and museums use the term to distinguish paintings created outdoors from those done entirely in a studio. Plein Air Magazine uses the term to signify that we are dealing seriously with the long, honored, important tradition of artists working directly from nature.”
— M. Stephen Doherty
Spring 2011, PleinAir Magazine

Plein Air Magazine, February/March Table of Contents:

Plein Air Magazine contents

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