PleinAir Podcast 130: En Train Air (When Painters Ride the Rails)
PleinAir Podcast 130: En Train Air (When Painters Ride the Rails)

This PleinAir Podcast was recorded live at the 8th Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE)!

Six of America’s top plein air painters (Shelby Keefe, Aimee Erickson, Randy Sexton, Jason Sacran, Larry Moore, and Charlie Hunter) rode the rails over 2,700 miles to PACE, stopping to paint in a half-dozen small towns along the route of Amtrak’s endangered Southwest Chief. Join Shelby, Aimee, Charlie, Jason, Larry, Randy, and moderator Eric Rhoads for a funny, wide-ranging discussion about the practicalities, pitfalls, challenges, and triumphs of traveling by rail on a painting adventure. All aboard!

Bonus: This week’s PleinAir Podcast includes a Marketing Minute with a question taken live from the PACE audience!

Listen to this PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads here:

Related Article > En Train Air (Staying at small-town motels some nights and beautifully-restored historic hotels on others, the artists finished their campaign with three public events. They stopped in Santa Fe for a one-night pop-up show at a respected gallery. The six then rode the rails west to a fabled railway hotel in Winslow, Arizona, where they oversaw a public painting event. Finally, after an overnight ride to the Pacific and train trek up the coast, the journey, the artists, and their work were featured at the Plein Air Convention & Expo in San Francisco.)

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  1. I just got back from an Amtrak ride from Malta, MT to Chicago. I was plein air painting in Theodore National Park so I took the Empire Builder back. Then my husband takes the camper for hunting in South Dakota. Last year I went out on the same train and we went to Glacier National Park. The train is a wonderful way to travel. I met so many lovely people and saw the country via small town. Next year we want to do Yellowstone. To destroy these routes would be a travesty. I saw first hand the people who need to use Amtrak to just get around. I experienced the instant camaraderie that springs up between the passengers. We are all from “somewhere” but also in the same space. I swear the people in charge have no idea how vast this country is. The head of Amtrak was running Delta Airlines. Perhaps he only sees this country from 35,000 feet. I prefer to see it landscape by landscape, person by person, story by story. The idea of riding these rails and impacting some of these communities is an exciting thought. Keep us posted–PLEASE.


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