Joe Anna Arnett, "Lilacs and Lilies," oil on linen, 20 x 24 in.

Before moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, Joe Anna Arnett worked in New York, where she was an art director for a high-end advertising agency. She spent her winters in Los Angeles, and while out west would often visit her sister in Santa Fe, a city that ranks high in the art market. She and her husband eventually moved to there when they chose to become full-time painters.

Growing up in eastern Texas, Joe Anna’s father taught her about perspective drawing. After years in advertising, she began taking classes at night to “get her fine art chops back.” It was during these art classes that Joe Anna “learned how to learn.” She adds that being a part of the Art Students League was key to her professional art career.

But what about these soapboxes? During the podcast, Joe Anna tells us that students of art must assume responsibility for their own work and not just “hop around workshops endlessly to become an artist.” She says they must make it on their own and work hard to develop themselves and not just copy others. She advises: “Don’t be a workshop junkie.”

Another passion point for Joe Anna is that artists should study with those who are trained and seasoned and, as working artists, to not teach before they’re ready.

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