Anna Eggleston, “Cora,” charcoal and soft pastel, 16 x 20 in.,“Best Sketchbook” in the Plein Air Salon

With only days left until the next Plein Air Salon art competition closes, learn how you can enter your best art and win up to $15,000. And, be inspired by Anna Eggleston’s winning sketchbook entry, “Cora.” Scroll down to see more of her work and learn how you can enter the Plein Air Salon today.

Bonus: The winners of this art competition will be announced at the Plein Air Convention and Expo next month!

Anna Eggleston, “Sarah,” oil

About Anna Eggleston: 

Anna Eggleston, “Hanging Flowers,” oil

“I work from my home in Georgia,” she tells us. “I live with my amazing husband and three children. I’ve learned that working every night for few hours while the kids are sleeping can be surprisingly productive. I never wait for a full day of work time to magically come around, that just doesn’t happen very often when you’re a stay-at-home mom.

“I’m careful to spend my time while my kids are sleeping doing things that can’t be done while they are awake: painting! During the day I do other things that they can’t create total havoc with, such as doing photoshoots of completed work and any computer/office work I may need to do.

“I love to use my children as my models, I can sometimes sneak in quick sketches and they love to be photographed. They give me inspiration for new work and I’m always asking friends to allow me to do photoshoots with their children; we double up a playdate/photoshoot.”

View the winning artworks from the December-January Plein Air Salon.

Enter your best work in the Plein Air Salon Art Competition to win cash and publicity.

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