John Lasater artist - PleinAir Podcast
Artist John Lasater, featured in the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads, Episode 119

Eric Rhoads interviews representational artist John Lasater in this week’s PleinAir Podcast. Lasater’s development as an artist is inspired by his insatiable desire to study the masters as well as by exploring new techniques and ideas while painting en plein air.

Listen as John Lasater shares the following:
• How everyone becomes a student when painting nature en plein air (and why that’s important). “There’s something wonderful about going into it with a certain amount of naivete every time.”
• Balancing being on the road for his art career and having a family.
• Preparations an artist can make for attending shows, including driving vs flying, and his tip for getting discounted shipping rates
• What it’s like to stay with a host family while traveling, and his best advice for someone who wants to get into the plein air circuit of shows.
• What prompted him to study art history, and how that informs his paintings

Bonus: This week’s PleinAir Podcast includes a Marketing Minute!
You’ll learn:
• What steps you should take immediately after a painting is sold
• How art finds a home in places like hotels

Listen to the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads and John Lasater here:

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  1. Great interview with John Lasater. I had the pleasure of meeting John and Todd on an event back in October 2018 at the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks in Fayetteville, AR. They work working with some local artists who were doing Plein Air painting in the gardens. It was a small group, but great work was happening. John and Todd worked well in guiding the progress. I was not painting, but I was using my legacy 35mm camera to capture the event. It was a great day.


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