Salon First Place: “A Stunning Painting”

Artist Camille Przewodak has revealed her selections for the winners in the December 2023 PleinAir Salon.

First place will receive a cash prize, plus all winners will be entered into the judging for the annual cash prizes, including the $15,000 grand prize for the best painting of the year, and they’ll see their painting on the cover of PleinAir® Magazine. Could you be the next winner?

“The top benefit of entering painting competitions is that your work is seen and you can make connections with other artists,” Camille said. “Also it is always a pat on the back when you land in the final picks. When you do, people take notice of your work and this helps grow your art career.”

Scroll down to see the winners and Camille’s comments on why she chose the top three!

PleinAir Salon Winners Preview:

1st Place Overall: “Canyon Dusk”

PleinAir Salon - Terri Ford (California), “Canyon Dusk,” Pastel, 28x24 in.
Terri Ford (California), “Canyon Dusk,” Pastel, 28×24 in.

“This painting had a beautiful late afternoon light effect,” Camille said. “The shapes in the tree were carefully thought out. Good division of the light/dark patterns. Overall, a stunning painting.”

2nd Place Overall: “Compliments of Fall”

PleinAir Salon - Steven Walker (Georgia), “Compliments of Fall,” Oil, 30x30 in.
Steven Walker (Georgia), “Compliments of Fall,” Oil, 30×30 in.

“A very solid and well-done painting. The barn was the focal point, which was painted and drawn beautifully. I love how this artist handled the grass and trees around the barn.”

3rd Place Overall: “Busy Day at DCA”

PleinAir Salon - Catherine Hillis (Virginia), “Busy Day at DCA,” Watercolor, 21x14 in.
Catherine Hillis (Virginia), “Busy Day at DCA,” Watercolor, 21×14 in.

“Very unusual composition. It put me right in this building surrounded by glass, with sunlight streaming in. This is a very complicated painting to pull off but very well done, with an unusual perspective.”

Best Plein Air Landscape: “Just Me and Some Crickets”

Sue Barrasi (New York), “Just Me and Some Crickets,” Oil, 8x8 in.
Sue Barrasi (New York), “Just Me and Some Crickets,” Oil, 8×8 in.

Best Plein Air Acrylic: “Sicily Salt Flats”

Kevin Macpherson (New Mexico), “Sicily Salt Flats,” Acrylic, 11x14 in.
Kevin Macpherson (New Mexico), “Sicily Salt Flats,” Acrylic, 11×14 in.

Best Plein Air Oil: “In Flux and Flox”

Todd Schabel (Wisconsin), “In Flux and Flox,” Oil, 18x224 in.
Todd Schabel (Wisconsin), “In Flux and Flox,” Oil, 18×224 in.

Best Plein Air Pastel: “It’s the Light”

Tom Christopher (Iowa), “It’s the Light,” Pastel, 22x28 in.
Tom Christopher (Iowa), “It’s the Light,” Pastel, 22×28 in.

Best Plein Air Watercolor & Gouache: “April Iris”

Carolyn Lord (California), “April Iris,” Watercolor, 11x15 in.
Carolyn Lord (California), “April Iris,” Watercolor, 11×15 in.

Camille’s advice to artists who are considering entering their work:
“When you reach a certain level of competency in your work, it is time to start entering contests. Make sure you have mastered the essentials of painting but your work doesn’t have to be perfect. It is good to get out there and show the work you are creating. The other thing to keep in mind is that judging is very subjective so different judges will pick different paintings. If you don’t make it in the final picks, maybe the next time you will. Don’t give up.”

Enter the PleinAir Salon Today

The next round of the PleinAir Salon has begun so hurry, as this competition ends on the last day of the month. See the rest of this month’s winners and enter your best art in the PleinAir Salon here.

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