Bryan Mark Taylor’s easel setup in Borrego Springs, CA

The Borrego Art Institute sponsors an annual plein air invitational every March, and this year the event brought together some of the top painters in the country. Find out who went home with the prizes and Honorable Mention awards.

Bryan Mark Taylor at work

Toni Williams with her award-winning painting

Bryan Mark Taylor received the First Place award during the Borrego Springs Plein Air invitational in Borrego Springs, California, for his painting “What’s Around the Bend?” Bryan took photographs of his painting setup, and others took photographs of him at work.

Left to Right: Bryan Mark Taylor, Patti McGeeney, and Mark Fehlman

David Michaels painting

Other award winners included Toni Williams (Second Place), for “Across the Street,” and Kevin Davidson, who won Third Place for his painting “Guess Who?” Honorable Mention awards went to Dot Renshaw, Stock Schlueter, and Patti McGeeney. The People’s Choice award was won by Kevin Davidson. For more information, visit


  1. Very cool! I just returned from a ten day trip to Hawaii. I, and my family stayed in cabins on the same beach pictured above. Before going, I contacted Mark Brown and was able to get together with him to paint for a morning. Mark is a really good guy whose passion for painting and teaching are contagious.

  2. Great Photo (even if I say so myself!!) Glad we can share some of the local colors and aloha with fellow painters. In fact, I had joined Rich Gallego when he was painting with Mark.

  3. Mr. Dixon’s sense of composition leads me to believe his paintings must be equally interesting with a unique point of view. J. Tareila Lyndell Pa.


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