In this 3-minute free art lesson, watch as Cindy Baron shows you how to turn a “dud” into a salvageable painting.

You’ll love the video, “Elegant Landscapes,” by Cindy Baron because of the approach to painting she take that makes it easy to follow and understand. With her watercolor background, Cindy simplifies each step for the viewer, especially in the beginning, so mistakes are not made later as you finish the painting.

Watch the mini art lesson, “Cindy Baron Painting Tip: Fixing & Experimenting” > 


The final painting from Cindy's art video workshop, "Elegant Landscapes"
The final painting from Cindy’s art video workshop, “Elegant Landscapes”

Cindy Baron is also on the faculty of the 2nd Annual Watercolor Live virtual art conference!

Cindy Baron is on the faculty of the 2nd Annual Watercolor Live
Cindy Baron is on the faculty of the 2nd Annual Watercolor Live virtual art conference. Register early at to save!

Save years of struggle and frustration by discovering techniques revealed by the world’s top watercolor artists in just three days in the world’s largest online art training event January 27-29, 2022 with Beginner’s Day on January 26.

This isn’t just an art class, or even art school. It’s a rare once-in-a-lifetime gathering of world-renowned artists we were able to gather only because of these unprecedented times.

You’ll be able to shift your gears into full throttle and approach painting and drawing with confidence that you’re not only doing it right, you’re doing it well.

Many artists have seen their ability more than double by investing just three days of their time. At our last virtual conference, artist Elaine Miller told us she learned more in three days than four years of art school. Learn more about Watercolor Live here, and register soon for early bird specials!

Bonus: “Elegant Landscapes” Video Art Lesson

“I love painting the landscape and the grander the better,” Cindy said when talking about her art lessons in “Elegant Landscapes.” “I have been an artist for as long as I can remember and knew early in life that this is what I was supposed to do and be.

“This video will offer you a unique approach to solving a lot of obstacles that artists experience. My watercolor approach to oil and working ‘backward’ to create a composition will solve these problems. My insight to brushes and colors will play an important part in uniting a painting as a whole.”

How to paint landscapes

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