"Valley Below" by Carl Bretzke

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA) Invitational:

Best in Show: Carl Bretzke for “Valley Below”
Award of Excellence: Mark Fehlman for “Let’s Take a Walk”
Greg LaRock Legacy Award: Kathleen B. Hudson for “Evening from Recreation Point”
Jean Stern Distinctive Merit Legacy Award: Daniel Mondloch for “Pick Up Game”
Kinsman Family Foundation Award: Michael Situ for “Heisler Park”
The Irvine Museum Award: Jane Hunt for “Quietude”
Hilbert Museum of California Art Award: Shuang Li for “Lifeguard on Duty”
Artistic Palette Award: Rick J. Delanty for “Illumination”
The Revelite/Lyn Burke Memorial Award: Gil Dellinger for “Old Sycamore”
The Kinsman Family Trust Award: Debra Huse or “Above & Beyond”
The Architectural Award: Richard Boyer for “Mission Capistrano”
Directors’ Choice Award: Calvin Liang for “Boats in Dana Point”
Southwest Art Quick Draw Award: Ryan Jensen for “Painters on the Beach”

PleinAir Magazine Award: Ryan Jensen for “Wild Night”
Fine Art Connoisseur Award: Don Demers for “Autumn Tones”
Outdoor Painter Award: Suzie Baker for “Sycamore Sun & Shadow”

American Art Collector Award: Jed Dorsey for “Unnamed Alley”

"Sycamore Sun and Shadow" by Suzie Baker
“Sycamore Sun and Shadow” by Suzie Baker
"Wild Night" by Ryan Jensen
“Wild Night” by Ryan Jensen
"Tones of Autumn" by Don Demers
“Tones of Autumn” by Don Demers

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