William Schneider,
William Schneider, "Leaving the P&C at Dusk," 30 x 30 in.

“When someone tells me, ‘I just love your colors,’ I, of course, appreciate the compliment, but I think the real key lies in getting accurate value relationships,” says William Schneider. “The artists’ cliché, ‘Value does the work, but color gets the credit’ is absolutely true.

“It’s like being a lineman in football; the big guys upfront slug it out to create space for the running back to dance through. The RB gets the girl, the glory, and the endorsements. The lineman gets icepacks and the whirlpool!

“The traditional way to develop a good understanding of value was to draw from the plaster cast, trying to render the light and shadow in five values. Drawing in graphite or charcoal takes color out of the equation. That’s how Bouguereau, Sargent, Sorolla, and Zorn all learned.”

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