Guodong Hu, “Silent Wind,” oil, 28 x 47 inches (First Place)

Did you or your friends win? The latest bi-monthly winners of the PleinAir Salon, selected by Scott Shields, were revealed in December! Find out here who took home awards and is in the running for the $15,000 Grand Prize.

The 7th annual PleinAir Salon is up and running, with hundreds of brilliant paintings flooding the competition. Inspired by the French Salon created by the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the PleinAir Salon has six bi-monthly cycles leading to the annual Grand Prize winners.

Daniel Brient, “Home Sweet Home,” oil, 24 x 36 inches (Second Place)
John Pitcher, “Murder of Crows,” acrylic, 35 x 24 inches (Third Place)
Sergio Roffo, “Beach Path,” oil, 10 x 20 inches (Best Plein Air Only)
Derek Penix, “New York in Blue,” oil, 40 x 40 inches (Best Building in Landscape)

For the October/November cycle, associate director and chief curator at the Crocker Art Museum Scott Shields was the judge, and he combed through hundreds of entries to make his selections. Guodong Hu was the First Place winner for his painting “Silent Wind,” Daniel Brient’s “Home Sweet Home” was the Second Place winner, and John Pitcher’s “Murder of Crows” took Third.

John Pototschnik, “Kansas City Southern de Mexico,” oil, 24 x 36 inches (Best Vehicle)
Danielle Richard, “A Day in October,” soft pastel, 19 x 27 inches (Best Figure in Landscape)
Rod Lawrence, “Just Chillin,” acrylic, 16 x 27 inches (Best Animal and Birds)
Greg Wallace, “Velvet Petunias,” oil, 12 x 16 inches (Best Floral)
Tom Hughes, “Lumber Yard,” oil, 24 x 36 inches (Best Landscape)
John Pototschnik, “Calm Settles over the Land,” oil, 16 x 30 inches (Best Nocturne)
Heather Gibson, “Detour on Main Street,” oil, 24 x 12 inches (Best Outdoor Still Life)
Lisa Egeli, “New Blanket,” oil, 15 x 30 inches (Best Water)

Several category awards were handed out as well. Sergio Roffo’s “Beach Path” won Best Plein Air Only; Derek Penix won Best Building in a Landscape for “New York in Blue,” John Pototschnik’s “Kansas City Southern de Mexico” won Best Vehicle; Danielle Richard’s “A Day in October” was the winner of Best Figure in a Landscape; Rod Lawrence won Best Animal and Birds for “Just Chillin,” Greg Wallace’s “Velvet Petunias” was deemed Best Floral, Tom Hughes’ “Lumber Yard” was the Best Landscape; John Pototschnik also took Best Nocturne for “Calm Settles over the Land,” Heather Gibson took home Best Outdoor Still Life for “Detour on Main Street,” Best Water went to Lisa Egeli for “New Blanket,” Krystal Brown’s “R-Bar Quick Draw” was the Best Sketchbook; the talented John Buxton won Best Western for “How Many Beaver,” Boyang Shi was the Best Student for “Notre Dame Cathedral,” Charity Anderson won Best Artist Under 30 for her painting “Autumn Light,” John Pototschnik won Best Artist Over 65 for “The Calm Descends,” Igor Raikhline’s “Sunday Morning” was the Best Acrylic; ascending painter Carl Bretzke won Best Oil for “December Morning,” “Steamboat Rock” by Tom Christopher was the Best Pastel winner; and finally the skillful Dan Mondloch won Best Watercolor for “19 Below.”

Krystal Brown, “R-Bar Quick Draw,” pencil, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches (Best Sketchbook)
John Buxton, “How Many Beaver,” oil, 12 x 9 inches (Best Western)
Boyang Shi, “Notre Dame Cathedral,” pen and ink, 15 x 22 inches (Best Student)
Charity Anderson, “Autumn Light,” oil, 12 x 21 inches (Best Artist Under 30)
John Pototschnik, “The Calm Descends,” oil, 59 x 42 inches (Best Artist Over 65)
Igor Raikhline, “Sunday Morning,” acrylic, 36 x 18 inches (Best Acrylic)
Carl Bretzke, “December Morning,” oil, 24 x 36 inches (Best Oil)
Tom Christopher, “Steamboat Rock,” soft pastel, 30 x 40 inches (Best Pastel)
Dan Mondloch, “19 Below,” watercolor, 11 x 14 inches (Best Watercolor)

The 7th Annual PleinAir Salon is now accepting entries for the December/January bi-monthly cycle. Interested artists have until the end of January to submit their artworks for consideration. This cycle’s judge is gallery owner Dustin Belyeu of Nedra Mateucci Gallery. To learn more or enter the competition, visit the PleinAir Salon.

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