Each year in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, top artists gather at a posh resort to paint, exhibit, and offer demonstrations. This year, the editors-in-chief of PleinAir magazine and Fine Art Connoisseur also graced the star-studded program, called Greenbrier Fine Art Week.

Steve Doherty, of PleinAir, and Peter Trippi, of Fine Art Connoisseur, together discussed the changing role of art magazines in the art world, and Trippi returned the following night to talk about the future of contemporary realism. Some of the artists who painted demonstrations at the event were Perry Austin, Roger Dale Brown, Gil Dellinger, TM Nicholas, and Randall Sexton. 

From left, William Maughan, Roger Dale Brown, TM Nicholas, Perry Austin, David Leadman, Nancy Marshall, Larry Moore, Randall Sexton, Cameron Smith, and Steve Doherty

Randall Sexton paints on location in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

Karen F. Rose and Roger Dale Brown pause and smile for the camera.

The Greenbrier Fine Art Week is hosted by the Greenbrier, a resort, and by Walls Gallery, which is part of the facility. This year the event ran October 20-26. The Greenbrier has hosted 26 American presidents and was readied for use as a bunker for Congress during the Cold War. There are four golf courses on its 10,000 acres.

For more information, visit the event’s website.


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