An annual show for the Cowboy Artists of America produced moving works in two- and three-dimensional media. See the pieces that earned three exhibiting artists multiple awards at the event.
The Cowboy Artists of America recently unveiled their 49th Annual Exhibition at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. The exhibition’s award winners were honored at the Cowboy Crossings Celebration Dinner & Concert on October 11. Awards were distributed according to medium, with categories for Drawing and Other Media, Water Soluble, Sculpture, and Oil.

John Coleman, “First Chief,” charcoal on paper, 16 x 25 in. Drawing and Other Media Gold
John Coleman took home the Gold Medal in the Drawing and Other Media category for his charcoal “First Chief.” In what would be the beginning to an enormously successful night, R.S. Riddickclaimed the Silver Medal with a charcoal conté drawing of the “Navajo Family Way.”

Martin Grelle, “In Two Worlds,” acrylic wash on illustration board, 36 x 22 in. Water Solubles Silver
Riddick also led the Water Soluble category; his gouache “Midnight Arbuckle” took the Gold Medal.Martin Grelle earned the Silver Medal for “In Two Worlds,” a striking figurative work executed in acrylic wash on illustration board.
John Coleman topped the sculpture category for his second award, winning the Gold Medal for “Two Ravens.” Paul Moore took Silver with his bronze “Ray of Memories.”

John Coleman, “Two Ravens,” bronze, 29 x 20 x 14 in. Sculpture Gold
In the Oil category, Grant Redden claimed the top prize, winning for his evocative painting “Hot and Thirsty.” R.S. Riddick continued his success, winning the Silver Medal for “First Spring, Last Summer.”

Grant Redden, “Hot and Thirsty,” oil, 25 x 30 in. Oil Painting Gold
The Anne Marion Best of Show, chosen by judges from the four category winners, went to Riddick for “Midnight Arbuckle,” the gouache that won the Water Soluble category. Riddick also claimed the Ray Swanson Memorial Award, given to the work that “best communicates a moment in time and captures its emotion,” winning for “First Spring, Last Summer.”

R.S. Riddick, “First Spring, Last Summer,” oil, 46 x 56 in. Ray Swanson Memorial Award, Oil Painting Silver, and Stetson CAA Award for Best Overall Exhibition
The Buyers’ Choice Award went to Martin Grelle for his monumental piece “Offerings to the Spirits in the Falls.”
R.S. Riddick heard his name called one more time when he was chosen for the Stetson CAA Award for Best Overall Exhibition, recognizing the six exceptional works the artist entered in the show.
Visit the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum website to see the rest of the winners.


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