Current members of the San Antonio Watercolor Gang (clockwise, from left): Finis Collins, Lee Ricks, E. Gordon West, Clay McGaughy

The San Antonio Watercolor Gang is still traveling, painting on location, and exhibiting together after 50 years. The group was formed when Finis Collins, Clay McGaughy, and Ivan McDougal (1927-2006) made a painting trip together to Big Bend National Park in Texas. They were later joined by E. Gordon West, Kuo Yen Ng (1929-2007), Lee Ricks, and others.

Lee Ricks painting in San Antonio

Each year, the San Antonio Watercolor Gang — which numbered seven men, a group that could fit into two automobiles with their gear — took a weeklong trip to locations around the United States and abroad, often accompanied by guest artists. The painting trips were followed by group exhibitions that allowed collectors and admirers to see how each artist interpreted the same location.


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