Johanne Mangi paints outdoors as well as in the studio
Johanne Mangi paints outdoors as well as in the studio

Representational painter and plein air artist Johanne Mangi is known internationally for her animal and floral fine art. When we asked her if she had any unusual habits as a painter, she had these gems to share.

1. “I insert a guest color on my palette, then I set a timer on my iPhone not to paint the painting in a certain amount of time (although THAT’S a good idea!) but to know when I need to get ready for an appointment, such as lunch with my husband. Rather than say I don’t have enough time, I take what I can get. The timer allows me to stop watching the clock and trust me, it works! It’s very freeing.

2. I cut flowers, stick them in the spare refrigerator and forget about them, but not intentionally. Several months later I’m painting dried flowers, which make interesting subjects.

3. I use all my dogs as stand-ins for my commissions. (Editor’s Note: Learn the masterful way Johanne manages to bring the dog’s eyes completely “to life” in this video workshop on how to paint dog portraits.)

4. Every single day involves something related to painting. I say it’s a lifestyle.

Dog portrait by Johanne Mangi
Dog portrait by Johanne Mangi

Learn from Johanne in person at the Plein Air Convention & Expo in Denver, Colorado, May 21-25, 2023!

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