Where in the World is Plein Air
Michele Usibelli

Get ready to watch artists paint from wherever they are in the world! Going live on June 12 is the annual online show: “Where in the World is Plein Air.”

View three separate videos from dozens of artists as they complete a plein air painting!
Viewers may buy their favorites by calling or waiting to see them in person at the Illume Gallery of Fine Art (St. George, Utah) starting July 19.

Visit http://whereintheworldispleinair.com, and then click on an artist’s name to learn more about him/her and see the videos as they’re uploaded throughout the day.

Participants include the following, and many more!

Gallery Artist Michele Usibelli: During my work in architecture, I felt deeply connected to the arts. But I truly discovered my passion when I began to explore oil painting. For me, the process of creating begins with a scene that I feel carries certain energy and evokes an emotion. I find myself drawn to subject matter with rich colors or intriguing light. The vignettes of everyday life are what inspire me to paint, regardless of whether it’s a landscape, figurative work, cityscape, or portrait. It is my primary goal to have each artwork I create resonate with energy and the poetry of light. I follow my own “rule” of painting what is important to me and feel very fortunate to be able to share that with all those who support and appreciate my work. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that my work, which is so important to me, is appreciated by others.

Rick J Delanty

Gallery Artist Rick J. Delanty: Intuition and spontaneity play key roles in the development of my landscape paintings. Expressive brushwork conveys my emotional response to that landscape, in my search to describe the “essence” behind the “form.” Acrylics and oils are my chosen mediums, for their color, liquidity, versatility, and longevity.

Subjects selected for painting are images that — to me — reflect truth, beauty, power, and life.

Compositional structure and color symbolism are my focus in creating a simplified order from the complexity of nature, from God’s Creation. As I paint, I seek the supernatural as it is partially revealed in the visible world: I am painting the Spirit in nature.

Jean-Pierre Jacquet

Guest Artist Jean-Pierre Jacquet: Painting in the field is where I react to the environment around me, where I observe and collect information, where I absorb the complex beauty of the natural world. When an image has distilled in my mind, my initial idea or reason for reacting to the subject becomes clearer. I am free to orchestrate the composition to communicate that abstract idea. The paintings move further away from documentary and more in the direction of poetry. I don’t know if I paint more of what’s there in front of me, or less of it. My approach is an invitation for the viewer to eavesdrop on my conversations with places I have visited and discovered, from the majestic to the mundane.

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