The October/November issue of PleinAir magazine is going to press, and now we can share a bit on who will be in this edition. Those wishing to advertise in the issue need to act now.
Utah artist Doug Braithwaite shines in the brightest spotlight. He’s the cover artist for the issue, and within its pages he discusses how he stresses the rhythms and emotional impact in his paintings to create successful images.
Brienne Brown talks about her approach to watercolor en plein air, and pastelist JoEllen Murphy explains why pastels allow her to be direct in capturing the light and shadow patterns in the landscape.

The proposed cover for the October/November issue of PleinAir magazine, featuring the painting “Gills Rock Geometry,” by Doug Braithwaite, 2014, oil, 10 x 10 in. Private Collection

The staff looks back at some influential plein air painters of the past, with pieces on Marsden Hartley and Armin Carl Hansen, and this issue features the new and popular section known as Nuts and Bolts, in which readers share tips on equipment and their painting process.
The issue will be in stores soon. Those wishing to advertise should contact the ad sales staff before August 28 to be included.


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