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If you really want to move the needle with your watercolor skills, it’s important that you’re learning from the right people. Here’s how you can do so – this week!

Nothing is faster than learning from those who have gone through what you’re going through right now.

Simply reading a report probably isn’t going to make you into a better artist.


Of course, it takes practice and trial and error…

Sometimes, it feels like you’re not progressing at all…

Or that you make the same mistakes again and again no matter how much you try, and you end up burning out and giving up.

It’s no fun, I’ve been there myself! In fact, I gave up for a year. And thankfully discovered an instructor who changed my life.

That artist was different than other teachers and I made more progress in 6 months than I had in a year before, because he used a specific system for teaching me. It changed my life.

I know how difficult the journey can be.

Artists are a completely different breed of people…

When we share our art, we’re being vulnerable to criticisms, opinions of others, and sometimes even ridicule…

But we still do it, because we LOVE art!

We’re the ones who are brave enough to show the world our creative side. Watercolor Live online conference

Which is why I’m so excited to tell you about Watercolor LIVE!

I want to help you be even MORE confident with your art and help you turn into a great artist.

So I’ve asked more than 30 of the world’s best watercolor artists to get together for a VIRTUAL event to teach YOU everything you need to know about watercolor paintings. (See the full faculty list at

You’ll get to watch them demonstrate their techniques LIVE…

And you can even paint along with them and ask questions!

This is by far the best and fastest way for you to progress as a watercolor artist.

It’s extremely rare to see such a massive line-up of artists, let alone instruct you on their methods! And this is the fast-track to learning.

Elaine Miller, who attended our last two on-line events said she learned more in three days than four years in art college.

Don’t worry if you can’t watch them all – we’re recording everything and will give you replay access!

If this is something you’re interested in…

Then CLICK HERE to know more about this incredible event!

Talk soon,
Eric Rhoads
Streamline Art

P.S. Check out what artists said about our previous LIVE events:

“What a spectacular 5 days!!! Something unique and inspiring from each artist and talks. I look forward to reviewing it all but miss the interaction with new friends online. Thanks for Dreamliners and Realism Live FB sites to stay in touch. Can’t wait for Watercolor Live. Eric I hope you will continue these Live conferences because many I’ve spoken to in breakout rooms need these… Many thanks Eric, Peter, Artists and all Streamline team.”
– Ann Heim

“I had no clue what to expect from Realism Live being a watercolorist. Within a few minutes I had to paint along listening as Joshua LaRock explained the structure and form of an eye. Over the course of 4 days, figures and portraits began to emerge. I watched great talent and met great talent in the break out rooms but mainly I listened and painted. Realism Live fed life into me and I have advanced in my understanding of a movement I knew little about. I am fired up.”
– Barbara Tapp

“This event was phenomenal in solidifying concepts I thought I knew, filled in some of the gaps, and provided additional information and energy that recharged my batteries and inspired me to keep improving with application and practice with amazing instructors and team that made it fun. Meeting people around the world filled the gap in the sense of community that being socially distant in 2020 had created.”
– Eugenia Algaze Garcia



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