artist posing with collectors, while holding one of her paintings
Meeting some happy collectors.

How did you develop your unique style?
Anne Blair Brown: The first step to developing my style was to learn the fundamentals of painting. For me that was design, values, color, and brushwork. After I got confident in these realms, that freed me up to be more playful with my color and more expressive with my brushwork.

How do you find inspiration?
Anne Blair Brown: Since I was disciplined in learning the fundamentals of painting for so long, I now look at most any subject and find inspiration. If I focus on light and atmosphere and not necessarily the subject, everything can be turned into a painting. Light hitting a trashcan in an alley can be as attractive to me as a field of Sunflowers in Tuscany.

To see more of Anne’s work, visit:

oil painting of dining table with light coming through windows
“Sitting Pretty”, Anne Blair Brown, oil, 12 x 12 in., 2024; available through artist
acrylic painting of a house with a tree in front, light and show bouncing off it
“Charleston Light,” Anne Blair Brown, acrylic, 12 x 12 in., 2023; available through artist


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