artist posing with her paintings at gallery

Carol Strock Wasson: My style developed over many years of exploring and experimentation. Through asking “what if” and using different tools and techniques, I have learned that pastel is the most versatile of all the mediums and I am always amazed at what can be done. In many of my paintings you can see the effects I leave behind, drip effects from spraying fixative and allowing it to run down the surface, tools marks from various hardware and kitchen tools, under and overpainting with any other medium, all these are used as I add layers to my surface. There is nothing more beautiful than applying a layer of vibrant pastel over the modulations I have built up. The final layer over the painting is soft pastel that covers at least 80% of the surface, a requirement for most shows I enter.

I have several workshops coming up that I am teaching these methods, check out my website- Workshops to sign up for an in person workshop or join me on Master Artist Mentorship Community – Mastrius for an online monthly class. The powerful possibilities with pastel are endless.

To see more of Carol’s work, visit:

oil painting of cityscape with fumes coming from buildings
Sunset at the Ethanol Plant, Carol Strock Wasson, pastel on Mounted Uart 320, 24 x 24 in; available through artist; Painted this scene many ways, using minimal tools, sprays, beauty of the location, and the colors spoke for themselves without multiple layers
pastel painting of white barn with field surrounding it, during sunset
Losing the Light on the Barn, Carol Strock Wasson, pastel on Ampersand board, 16 x 16 in; available through artist. Using multiple layers with brayers and gesso, I layered pastel in contrasting temperatures over.


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