canid photo of artist talking
We recently shot a new video, EDGES, where I explain how I use the squeegee in my work. It’s far and away my best video

How Do You Describe Success?
Charlie Hunter: One of my favorite songwriters is Fred Eaglesmith. When he was a kid, he says all he wanted was someone – anyone – to listen to his songs. “Today,” he says, “I’m not famous, but I can go pretty much anywhere and, on any given night, there are going to be 100 people who will pay $25 to listen to me sing my songs. Isn’t that enough?”

Today, I can pretty much paint anything that resonates with me, and somebody’s going to see it and want it. People subscribe to my REASONABLY FINE ART TALK channel on YouTube, and buy my videos. I count myself incredibly fortunate that anybody cares about what I think and how I see.

How Do You Find Inspiration?
Charlie Hunter: I just got home from taking the train to Saskatchewan and back. No cellphone, not really talking or socializing, just sitting in the dome car, or driving around on dirt roads looking at grain elevators, with my sketchbook and camera. Inspiration is everywhere if we just shut up and listen. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy,” as Shakespeare put it.

To see more of Charlie’s work, visit:

oil painting of monochromatic tree with building on the left
BRUJA, Charlie Hunter, oil on board, 14 x 11 in., 2023; They put us up at a ranch for three days during Plein Air Texas. That tree was staring me down
oil painting of monochromatic storm clouds hovering house on a field
NORTHER, Charlie Hunter, oil on muslin, 30 x 30 in., 2023; I like a certain roughness, a rawness, to paintings, and I’m fascinated by how abstract marks can imply reality


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