artist posing with her painting out in field
Cindy Harris Painting in Colorado at PACE, 2023

Cindy Harris: For many years I have found inspiration by traveling with other artists to amazing locations. This gives me focused time away from my studio to experience the world deeply as I paint what I see. Everywhere I go, colors and light are exhilarating. By keeping a travel journal/ sketchpad, I can go back to those places in an instant and create paintings from plein air sketches.

Recently I have spent more time at my home studio in the Finger Lakes of NY and summers in the Adirondack Mountains. Meditating on my front porch where I experience morning bird sounds, red squirrels running up the pine tree, quiet deer walking by and the glorious sun rising in different palettes every day make my heart sing. (OK some days its covered in clouds but still there!) Nature in all its glory, is the strongest inspiration I can feel so deeply and I seek to bring that feeling into my art. When I choose to slow down, take time to see and feel what is around me, no matter where I am at, I can find inspiration. I tell myself “BE HERE NOW.”

To see more of Cindy’s work, visit:

oil painting of a red barn; flowers in foreground; blue sky
Cindy Harris, The Red Barn, Finger Lakes, oil on linen board, 9 x 12 in; 2023; available through artist
oil painting of house by river, pathway leading down to water; trees framing the house
Cindy Harris, Long Point, Brantingham, oil on linen board, 8 x 10 in; 2023; available through artist


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