artist with her paintings
Me with ‘Poetry in Bloom’ from the Wayne Plein Air Festival, oil, 24 x 36 in., 2021

How do I find inspiration?
Cynthia Rosen: Whether I paint plein air or in my studio inspiration never is difficult to find. My energy may lag, but my brain reminds me that once I pick up the tools, the magnetic pull of the painting process takes over.

Inspiration itself comes from a variety of sources. I can see or find something that is inspiring because it is so beautiful and I want to wallow in my admiration of it, perhaps just capturing an iota of its magic. Or I may see something I want to better understand, whether my recreation works as a final product, painting provides a chance to engage and explore the subject. I know in the meantime that the challenge will help me grow as a painter. Additionally, there are times when I want to hold onto a sight or memory. Once again, painting allows that to happen. Someday I would like to deal with issues that may be more meaningful to society; but I have not yet gotten there. A challenge such as that will surely be inspiring.

To see more of Cynthia’s work, visit:

oil painting of a grist mill
Cynthia Rosen, “Of Ages Gone By,” oil, 24 x 18 in., 2023; Painting from the Bath County Plein Air Festival
oil painting of a water scene in winter
Cynthia Rosen, “The Golden Light of Winter,” oil, 30 x 60 in., 2022; A studio painting based on 2 plein air works



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