photo of artist actively painting at raceway
Me painting during the Indianapolis 500. Each year on race day, I spend about 13 hours painting in this private press box

What is the most interesting thing you have painted?
Justin Vining: As a plein air painter, I have found myself in a lot of interesting situations but for the last 5 years, I have had unprecedented access to paint all over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, including my own private press box on race day for the Indianapolis 500. As an Indiana native, I did not grow up as a race fan. However, it wasn’t until I was invited to do an exhibit in the town of Speedway that I inquired with IMS about becoming an official licensee. That year, I was granted permission to paint one day anywhere I wanted in IMS. It did not take long that day for me to transform into a race fan. From there, the relationship continued to grow and now May is my busiest month of the year and race day is my favorite day of painting each and every year.

To see more of Justin’s work, visit:

oil painting of sunrise with building structures on the right and lower half of canvas
Justin Vining, “When the Cannon Blasts on Race Day,” 9 x 12” oil, 2022. Every year, I get out to IMS at about 3:30 am to get setup for the day of painting
oil painting of raceway in foreground; building in background; green in very front
Justin Vining, “The 106th Running of the Indy 500,” 18 x 24” oil, 2022. I paint in the winner’s car right after they cross the famous Yard of Bricks


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