Kathleen posing with her paintings in her studio
Kathleen Kalinowski, studio and plein air

How do I find inspiration?
Kathleen Kalinowski: As a contemporary impressionist painter, the inspiration and concepts which inform my work stem from memory and 30 years of painting outdoors en plein air. I interpret the poetry of the landscape around me by using oil and pastel, articulating the mood, luminous light, and nuances of movement that I find in nature.

What is the best thing about being an artist?
Kathleen Kalinowski: It fills me with joy being outside, immersed in nature while painting. It is my passion and I try to paint or plan compositions almost every day. Another bonus is meeting other artists during events and workshops. I recently had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Joe Paquet. He taught the prismatic palette and other concepts that I will be applying to my work. Traveling and painting is also great! Soon I will be going to Bavaria to paint in a James Kroner workshop. I’ve also painted in Italy and France. I believe in continuous learning to increase skills and confidence. Ultimately, I hope the viewer will also see and relate to the miracle of the land around us.

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oil painting of field with trees framing the canvas; water in distance
Kathleen Kalinowski, “Summer Tapestry,” oil, 24 x 24 in., 2023
water in foreground; coastal scene with trees wrapping around water
Kathleen Kalinowski, “Shimmering Light,” oil, 24 x 24 in., 2023


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