by Thomas Buchs

Founding member of the Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association and talented painter Thomas Buchs currently has his luminous plein air works on view at the “Big Brown Barn.” With a name like that, how could you miss it?!

The Big Brown Barn at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, Wisconsin, is currently hanging a great arrangement of plein air works by accomplished painter Thomas Buchs. Buchs’ 46-year career as an illustrator has served him well in his more recent plein air endeavors as the artist has a keen eye for detail and the subtle effects of light as it cascades across wheat fields, wild flowers, barns, and tractors.

Thomas Buchs, “Grazing Cattle,”
Thomas Buchs, “Red Case Tractor Shed,”
by Thomas Buchs
Thomas Buchs, “Wild Phlox & Astor,”

On view from June 24, Buchs’ paintings “interpret the natural and man-made beauty and diversity of Wisconsin’s landscapes and culture,” the event website reports. Indeed, featured paintings beautifully juxtapose old-time barns and farm equipment with lush fields, livestock, and sweeping ribbons of wild flowers.

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