Michael Situ stands with his winning painting, “Garrapata Beach.”

The 24th Annual Carmel Art Festival was a tough competition for judge Mian Situ. No surprise given the fact the event each year draws the best artists from California and beyond. Who were the honorees in 2017?

Artist Michael Situ took home top honors in 2017 at the Carmel Art Festival, which took place between May 18 and 21 in Carmel, California. The winning painting, titled “Garrapata Beach” is a gorgeous view with bold, planar cliffs and a misty atmosphere. Wayne McKenzie was honored with Second Place for his painting “80 and Sunny.” Third Place was taken home by Xiao Yu for his work “Hidden Beach Pt. Lobos.”

Michael Situ, “Garrapata Beach,” 2017, oil on canvas, First Place

Many other awards were honored as well. Robert Lewis’ “A Day at Del Monte Beach” earned Best Local. Joaquin Turner’s “Majestic Cypress” produced Best Oil/Acrylic, and Joe Mancuso was honored with Best Pastel, Artist’s Choice, and People’s Choice for his painting “Path of Light.” Robin Purcell’s “Carmel Valley Evening Glow” was this year’s Best Watercolor. Sterling Hoffman was the apple of the mayor’s eye, taking Mayor’s Choice for “Fresh Start.” Po Pin Lin was honored with the Jennifer Hill Award for “Night Lights.”

Sixty artists competed in 2017, painting Thursday and Friday throughout Carmel and Monterey, California. Each artist submits two competition paintings each on Friday evening, and paintings are displayed on Mission Street next to Devendorf Park.

2018 is already scheduled, slated for May 18-20, in what will be the festival’s 25th year. To learn more, visit Carmel Art Festival.


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