Packing and Plein Air

For the very adventurous outdoor painter, room — and weight — are crucial things to consider. PleinAir Today recently visited with artist Gary Geraths, who offered up some sage suggestions.

Be Gentle, It’s My First Time

Do you remember how I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve been “eaten” by the plein air bug? Well, since my attendance at the Plein Air Convention & Expo in San Diego and with some sage advice from a good friend, I decided to give this plein air thing a try. How did it turn out?

Burton Dives In, Little Girl Lives

In early April, California oil painter John Burton saved a life. This is not a metaphor.

Interest and Introduction

As the new editor of PleinAir Today, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and express the excitement I have at entering this remarkable world of outdoor painting. There’s a catch, however.

Olmsted Winners Brave Tornado Warnings, Floods, General Mayhem

Nature — and some miscreants who decided to set an interstate overpass on fire — seemed intent on discouraging the participants in the Olmsted Plein Air Invitational, but plein air painters are not so easily put off.

How Watercolor Can Make You Lose Friends

Watercolor paintings can be exciting, abstract, tight, mysterious, pretty — and divisive among some folks. Just ask Daniel Marshall.

A Wilderness Trampled for Centuries

American artists James Coe and Debby Kaspari were part of a group that painted for 10 days in one of the cradles of civilization. No matter ho­­w remote the location, they saw numerous signs of human activity. That’s the nature of the Mideast.

A Step Closer to $15,000

In less than a month, one painter will receive $15,000 for a painting entered in the PleinAir Salon. Now that the final bimonthly contest is over, the contestants are set, and 19 more entries are eligible for the big prize, which will be announced at the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) in San Diego, April 24-28.

Making Things Difficult for George Van Hook

Why would anyone want to make life difficult for the amiable and energetic plein air dynamo George Van Hook? The painters at the recent Lighthouse ArtCenter Plein Air Festival did last week.

It’s Snow, It’s a Drawing…It’s a Painting by Chula

Chula Beauregard discovered an exhilarating aspect of her artist-in-residency at the Carpenter Ranch, located outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It involved snow, her 7-year-old, sunshine, and more than 100 other people.

When Your Neighborhood is Being Turned Upside Down, Call an Artist

Barbara Tapp has driven through a suburb adjacent to hers for years, but while taking the Strada 31-Day Challenge in January, she uncovered a fascinating, emotionally charged story.

Do You See These Colors in the Sky?

As plein air painters know, the sky is rarely just blue. There’s at least a gradation from top to bottom, and the clouds can reflect anything from deep orange to vivid purple. What did 20 artists see when they looked up recently?

My Favorite Place to Paint: Michelle Condrat in Zion

Utah painter Michelle Condrat says her favorite place to paint can be described as the opposite of the Grand Canyon. Why?

Artists Share in $31,500 in Prizes

Jean Stern judged the December-January contest in the PleinAir Salon, setting up a slew of artists to win thousands of dollars in prizes. Who's in?

My Favorite Place to Paint: Rita Pacheco and the Land of 1,000 Paintings

People sometimes tell Rita Pacheco that they will be visiting the Carlsbad, California, area, and ask her where she recommends they go paint. Without hesitation, she directs them to this place.

What’s Behind You While Painting

Plein air painting isn’t just about the view in front of you. It’s about the entire environment around you. Danny Griego is exploring this through short videos.

Itinerant Painter on the Waves

What’s it like being a painter who lives on a sailboat? Brenda Osborne assures us it is hard. And hard to quit doing.

Salmagundi’s West Coast Expansion Nets a Museum Show

The Salmagundi Club, a historic art club based in New York City, branched out to California over the last year, and the West Coast participants are now the subject of a museum show in El Cajon.

What He Learned at the Poles

David McEown paints in both the Arctic Circle and Antarctica each year. He’s learned some fascinating things along the way.

Winter Painting Is Fun, Says Work and Words

An upcoming show at the Cedarburg Art Museum is Exhibit A in two Wisconsin painters’ case arguing that painting in winter can be a blast.

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